Core Ministry Bible College was founded in January 2008.  It was formed from a mandate we at Church on the Rock Training Ministry received from the Lord. This mandate was to equip the body of Christ, raise up this prophetic generation to go to the nations, and equip five fold ministry leaders.  The Holy Spirit has been at the center of all that we do.  Recognizing His guidance, leadership, empowerment, and help, we have stayed dependent on Him to aid us in fulfilling this mandate.  Each semester has been planned and structured according to His instruction.  Every year we add and take away certain elements after we have spent time with the Lord.  We understand that each semester is filled with unique and different individuals whose training should be cultivated to empower, equip, and encourage them to fulfill God's call on their life. Because we value the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we give Him permission to change and direct each area of instruction, curriculum, and activities.  It is our desire to see each student cultivate a deepening love and intimacy with the Lord, so many times classes may have abrupt changes as the students are encountering His Presence and being transformed.  This is a supernatural school of the Spirit!  Below is what is typical of each semester with a basic outline of curriculum that we use.  

You will experience:

1. Spirit led Biblical Training and Equipping

2. Local Church Family

3. Community Outreaches

4. Personal Evangelism

5. Connecting with the Father's Heart

6. Experiencing Heaven Invading the Earth

7. Extravagant Worship

8. Mentoring from Apostolic and Prophetic Fathers and Mothers

9. International Missions 


 CORE 1 

1st Year Classes

1st Semester:


1.     Baptism in the Holy Spirit, by Kenneth E Hagin

2.     How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit, by Kenneth E Hagin

3.     Gifts of the Spirit, by Kenneth E Hagin

4.     A Call for Character, by Greg Zoschak

5.     When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

Our first semester, we explore and encounter the baptism in the Holy Spirit and His importance in our daily lives. We study the importance of tongues, the gifts, the characteristics (fruit), and the role of the Holy Spirit working in and through our lives.  We will learn that as we co-labor with Him, we can expect to walk in the supernatural and see Heaven invade Earth. 

2nd Semester:


1.    Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, by Bill Johnson

2.    Supernatural Ways of Royalty, by Kris Vallotton

3.    John G. Lake, His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith

4.    The Book of Romans

In the second semester, we get a better understanding of what it looks like to live from the supernatural realm.  We also examine our position in Christ, realizing areas where our minds need further transformation.  Kingdom mindsets are discussed and applied to everyday life, so we can display the character and qualities of those who are revealing Jesus in the earth.  Our object this semester: Expose, root out, and impart life and grace.


2nd Year Classes

3rd   Semester:


1.     How to Discipline Your Flesh, by Kenneth Copeland

2.     Force of Faith, by Kenneth Copeland

3.     Grace the Power to Reign, by Harold Eberle

4.     Walking in the Realm of the Miraculous, by Kenneth Copeland

5.     6 Steps to Excellence, by Kenneth Copeland

6.     Honor, by Kenneth Copeland

7.     Book of Hebrews

This semester focuses on disciplining your flesh and bringing your life under the authority of God’s Word. We learn what a life empowered by grace looks like and how listening and obeying the voice of God is fundamental to faith, trust, and continual fellowship with God. We also examine the power of obeying the command of love and how it is expressed in compassion, honor, acts of service, integrity and excellence.  Finally we look at the book of Hebrews and the benefits and blessings of the New Covenant made available by the blood of Jesus.


4th Semester:


1.     In the Footsteps of a Prophet, by Jerry Savelle

2.     Dreaming with God, by Bill Johnson

3.     2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity, by Eddie L. Hyatt

4.     Revival Fire, by Wesley Duewel 

In this semester we uncover our heritage of faith from past generations, and the inheritance that is available to all believers.  As we hear the testimonies of past victories, we position ourselves to dream with God and see the impossible take place in our generation.  Our ultimate goal is to co-labor with God in such a way, that we change nations and shake the world with lasting revival.  Leaving a legacy for future generation to build their floor on our ceiling. 


3rd Year Classes


The third year classes are designed to bring focus and clarity to your life.  These classes help cultivate vision, mission, plans, and strategies.  We dig deep and discover the hidden treasures that lie beneath our "normal" and reveal the greatness that is found in walking in our call.  We talk about the need for hunger, humility, discipline, and rest.  Each student receives mentoring and prophetic words that open the door for endless possibilities.  By the end of this year every student is working in a ministry and learning hands on the power of honor, team work, sacrifice, and the fulfillment of living by love.